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To which planets are you most connected? And why? Read more about how these heavenly bodies touch our lives…

Each step in the journey of our lives, from infancy to death, is illustrated through the progression of the astrological houses. Find out which one you may be taking now…

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What Blake did for me is invaluable. I gained clarity, insight into my true nature - and how to live that way. She is a perfect combination of science (using your chart), and pure intuition. Her reading was/is life changing.–A.G.

Blake is awesome. I trust her and her intuition. Her honesty, integrity and kindness are all immediately felt and I have benefited a great deal from her readings and chart discussions. I am thankful that our paths have crossed!–R.L.

After my first reading with Blake, I felt so incredibly aware, alive and most importantly...empowered. Understanding yourself first is the key to realizing your dharma and your soul's true path. Blake's wealth of knowledge about Astrology helps me to see that path more clearly every time I have a reading.–M.O.