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7/29/13: Today in the sky there is almost a Grand Sextile formed in Water and Earth signs.GrandSextile

In layman’s, you ask?

A Grand Sextile is made up of two perfectly overlapping Grand Trines (triangles formed in all three of any Element – Fire, Earth, Air, or Water). The image produced is what we culturally refer to as the Star of David or the Seal of Solomon (the astrological alignment said to ...

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Who Has the Power?

Glancing throughout history, it can look like the answer to that is “whoever controls the most people at once”.download (38)

The irony is that it has always been the people – every single individual person – who have the power. We allow ourselves to be convinced otherwise and to accept falsely that our votes count in a system designed to ignore them. Surely someone else knows better than “I” do what ...

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CTF*D (Title Stolen)

I recently came across this quote: images13

The truth of it can really suck sometimes.

download (34)How much easier is it to point a finger at someone else? About as easy as melting butter on a hot skillet. And just as smoothly as that pad slides around the pan, we slide into our own habits of blame.

There’s ...

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I’m a Bitch

Anyone remember that Meredith Brooks song from the 90s?

Technically the title was “Nothing in Between”, but personally, that’s not the essence of the song that I remember.

Throughout her guitar-strumming, black boot-wearing video she was reveling in the many shades of herself. We are so complex – every one of us. We’re each both a sinner and a saint; it just depends on who you ask.

I get so fed up with falsity, and it’s not ...

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Eye Spy

How judgmental are you?

Uh-uh – not “how judgmental would you like to consider yourself to be”, but how judgmental are you really?

That’s a tough one to be honest about because none of us want to think we’re judgmental, which would be bad. We’re just “more right”.

A month or so ago someone in my personal life yelled at me that I always think I’m right…you’d think that would be a good thing in my field, but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t meant ...

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Talking with Angels

So just another day around here…talking with angels.download11

My kids and I went on an impromptu trip to The Bag Lady yesterday. It’s this really great store that sells a wide variety of spiritually uplifting informative and educational items: books, jewelry, drums, statues, feathers, crystals, stones, cards, knickknacks – a little of everything.

I love places like this because simply being there raises my energy and reconnects me spiritually – kind of ...

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26 Letters

There are only 26 letters in the English alphabet, but combining them produces innumerable words out of which comes immeasurable expression.

download (23)That’s what language is. It takes a set number of tones, inflections, and symbols and repeats them in various combinations to convey meaning. And in all the glory, beauty, and uniqueness of that we’ve had the likes of Shakespeare, Virginia Woolf, and 50 Cent talking to us.

Anyone can ...

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A Hypocrite Says “What?”

What? Huh?

Oh, shit…that’s me. Like, daily.

I hear myself tell my kids to get off their technology – from my desk as I’m working on my computer.

I say “it’s a beautiful day – go outside and play” - as I stay indoors and do housework.

I tell them to eat less sugar – as I enjoy wine later in the evening.

And I’ve always got a rationalization for everything: they’re playing games on apps/I’m working; they need to get their energy out running around/I need ...

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