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Die a Thousand Deaths

Teaching yoga, for me, is the gentle management of a streaming flow of energy. It’s a balancing act on my corpus callosum where I’m constantly walking the line connecting verbal expression with visualization and attempting to meld the two, with varying degrees of success.

In other words, there are times I have no idea what crazy shit just flew out of my mouth.

Wat-cat-meme-t-shirtIf my mental foot slips to the right and ...

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The Voices in My Head

Whose voice do you hear over and over in your head?

It’s really yours, of course – but whose does it sound like? Your mother, your father, your second-grade teacher, your favorite yoga teacher, Casey Kasem? If you listen closely, do you hear the laugh track of a sitcom, the dramatic fade in of a soap opera, or the fast-paced rhythms of an action movie?

Maybe it changes depending on the day, what you’re doing, who you’re around, or your stress levels. ...

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Drip, Drop

I’m teaching a yoga class later today and have been inspired to share a theme.

What can you do this time – in this pose – that’s even a little bit different? 

We have a billion habits we don’t even know we have.Pavlovs Dog Experiments On Pavlov

One popular theory is that a habit is made or broken in  21 days. While that seems like a great start and a solid number to ...

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