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Fight the Good Fight?

victoryWe live in a culture obsessed with conquering…defeating the enemy…rising victoriously to the top of the heap.

I love the invigoration of a motivational message, song, experience, or movie…but life is so much more than that. A life lived fully isn’t one focused only on the masculine virtues. There is value in the quieter, unassuming aspects and in the supporting roles – those who make up the heap on which the “victor” ...

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The Blessedly Bored

How lucky are we? We are blessed with boredom.

And it’s about time we see it for what it is.

Boredom has long had a stigma attached to it – you know the saying about idle hands and the devil’s workshop – but I believe that taking away the negative connotation will do us some good. I think the last thing we need is to berate ourselves for having the feeling; there’s no sense in compounding the negativity. A lot of us try to get ...

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