26 Letters

There are only 26 letters in the English alphabet, but combining them produces innumerable words out of which comes immeasurable expression.

download (23)That’s what language is. It takes a set number of tones, inflections, and symbols and repeats them in various combinations to convey meaning. And in all the glory, beauty, and uniqueness of that we’ve had the likes of Shakespeare, Virginia Woolf, and 50 Cent talking to us.

Anyone can find a way to say what they need to – some perhaps expressing themselves best in the frugality, succinctness, or absence of words while others require greater profusion to get across their (24)

Astrology, to me, is a simply language.

There are 12 constellations in the zodiac, 8 primary planets (not counting our own), 1 sun, and 1 moon in our solar system that are typically considered part of the mix. Throw in the Ascendant (the zodiac sign rising on the horizon at your time of birth), and we’ve got 23 basic components that combine in innumerable ways to express immeasurable lives.

In essence, we are each our own astrological word, or to more accurately encompass our complexities, we are each our own astrological book.

Astrology is merely one language through which we can translate ourselves. Just like many people who speak English don’t speak Chinese, Russion, or Portuguese, many people also don’t speak Astrology. It’s not a common fluency. That’s why we have translators, people who go beyond the textbook meanings to learn the nuances of tone, dialect, and subtler meanings.

download (25)We’re all made up of the same stuff – stardust, if you will. Albeit, we have varying combinations and are each flavored with different circumstances and experiences in life – but we still share the same basic human ingredients.tumblr_ltqwu3ZarN1qe9qi2o1_500

Just like the more books you read, the more you know in general – the more you know about your own chart (and, therefore, yourself), the more you’ll know about all of us because we’re all connected. Mirrors, mirrors – everywhere.

I believe that the more we know about ourselves and each other and the more we see those common factors, then the greater becomes our compassion, loving-kindness, and our ability to connect with truth – for both ourselves and everyone else. And within all the opportunities for growth we are given with the challenges we face in life, we’ll find the stories that fill our pages: all the love, tragedy, joy, adventure, humor, and drama in our lives right there, in our charts, waiting to be read.

This discovery is a lifelong process and we’re likely to stutter or trip over our words at times along the way, but we’ve got to keep reading all the same – increasing our fluency in the language it really all comes back to.

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