A Little More on Mars Direct…

Mars in Libra went direct yesterday after being retrograde from March 1, 2014-May 19, 2014.

Mars is the ruler of Aries, the ancient Roman god of war, anger, lust, and drive. While retrograde, we saw a shift of those energies within us to the mental aspects – a toning down of outward physical expressions and an increase of holding in and subverting our anger and initiative. That’s ok. That can be a really good balance to always projecting those things outside of ourselves and into the world. The world doesn’t always deserve or need our projections. Sometimes we need those internal strategy sessions, the quieter moments to assess the board, to figure out our triggers in life so we might address them more productively and streamline our efficiency – another things Mars loves.

But the slowdown is over now. It’s time to get moving.

With Mars turning direct, it isn’t uncommon for the sensitive among us to feel unbalanced or “off” as we on our subtler levels can feel this (figurative) change of direction of such a powerful, motivational planet. Mars, of course, never actually traveled backwards, its relative speed and position to the Earth create that perception. Metaphorically, however, the image holds great meaning.

Mars is most often associated with root chakra energy and colors – black and red, especially – and stimulates our fear responses, our need for safety and our willingness to defend our territory while also reaching new ground. Mars is the ultimate warrior, a natural albeit reluctant leader, and we all have a bit of him within us. The root chakras are also where our kundalini energy resides, that coiled snake of life force that can rise up through all of our chakras and heighten our energy to its most productive possible state in this lifetime. But that snake needs to be awakened and mindfully guided upwards, and we have to let go of fear for that to truly happen. To bring our kundalini up to our crown chakra (another Mars energy center) we have to realize our anger is fear, and our fear is the only thing holding us back.

Notice your reactions to things around you, to circumstances, places, events, and people. No matter what is going on or who you’re around, your reaction is your reaction. It has everything to do with you. You own it and are accountable for it. Whatever brought you to the place you now find yourself matters as much as you continue to let it matter. In truth, the future is wide open. Will you step into it boldly or timidly? Loudly or quietly? Heavily or softly? There is no right or wrong answer to those choices, as long as you take steps. Mars is telling us it’s time to rise up again and crawl/walk/run/gallop into our lives. You can pick your pace, and you don’t have to explain it to anyone else.

The sign of Libra offers Mars a generous dose of judiciousness, so that his actions will be more fair. Mars can tend to be self-focused and intent on his path; Venus-ruled Libra reminds him to look around and notice his fellow travelers and the beauty in the world. The shadow side of Mars in social Libra would be aggression towards others with malicious gossip (or any, really, because none of it is good), unfairly using social position or political power ruthlessly for gain over others or any other form of bullying, and the premature destruction of anything beautiful. Mars in Libra does give us the opportunity to become champions of fairness, though. Let that be the direction in which you find yourself traveling, growing equity within yourself and creating a space in which those around you can do the same.

If you want an auspicious start to Mars going direct and to awaken some of your kundalini energy, engage in Mars-like activities: any sport or athletic endeavor, being close to the element of Fire, sex, and dancing. Here’s a song if you want something to get you moving. I have no idea what they’re saying when they’re speaking Spanish, but I like the beat. :)


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