Mirror, Mirror

There’s a Justin Timberlake song out - “Mirrors” – that’s got me singing along, but also thinking about relationships; specifically, what we look for in them. If you aren’t familiar with it, you can check out the lyrics & video here, and also a pic of JT, because you’re welcome:

Dammit, he’s just so cute.

It sounds to me that he’s saying the character of his song loves his woman because she reflects his ...

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Manipura/Solar Plexus Chakra/Yellow


Colors: yellow, gold

Sanskrit: Manipura “jewel”

Sounds: Ram, musical note E

Signs: Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Aquarius

Metals, Stones: gold, citrine, blue kyanite, peridot, pyrite, yellow topaz, tiger’s eye

Your golden solar plexus chakra is your inner sun. It is the light that shines forth around the center of your being and is your ego, identity, and sense of self in this lifetime. It radiates around that core of you – the hole ...

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Svadhisthana/Sacral Chakra/Orange

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Color: Orange

Sanskrit: Svadhistana “one’s own abode/dwelling of the vital force” and “sweetness”

Sounds: Vam, musical note D

Signs: Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Scorpio, Sagittarius

Metals, Stones: copper, carnelian, opal, amber, pyrite, sunstone, orange topaz, tiger’s eye, fire agate, orange kyanite

Ever wonder why some Buddhist monks wear orange?

That isn’t the start of a joke…it’s struck me as bizarre that a group of people intent on not being sexual robe themselves ...

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Muladhara/Root Chakra/Red


Colors: Red, black, dark brown, grey

Sanskrit: Muladhara “root support”

Sounds: Lam, musical note C

Signs: Aries, Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn

Metals, Stones: iron, hematite, magnetite, bloodstone, red jasper, ruby, garnet, onyx

Getting to the bottom of things, the nitty-gritty, the base issue – that’s what the root chakra represents.

What’s at the root of our lives?







How do we often get these things? Initially (or rather, hopefully) we get them from ...

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Intro to the Chakras


As with astrology, learning about chakras means learning a new language.

The language of chakras is a fascinating one; it speaks of colors and sounds and vibrations, and when you get really in tune with this language you can actually see and hear not only the chakras in other people, but in literally anything – animals, plants, rocks, water…even the chair on which you’re sitting. Everything is made of ...

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Enough is Enough

I actively avoid commercials. TV, radio, printed – any form.


The blatant propaganda to manipulate the watcher’s sense of self when they show perfect people in perfect lives enjoying perfect products (because that’s all it takes to be happy!) is just more than I care to process.

My kids have always been banned from watching and listening to them. It’s as poisonous ...

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The Magic Crab

download (54)In our house, we have a magic crab.

And yes, of course it’s purple and glittery.

When my kids were little this crab was the epitome of the mysterious and the impossible…made possible. It was a physical manifestation of the power of the unknown.

We would sit across from each other, the crab between us. With whatever was handy – a towel, a shirt, a blanket – I’d ceremoniously cover the crab. Sometimes ...

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Lars and the Real Girl

download (50)Last night on tv I caught the second half of Lars and the Real Girl.

It was the first time I’d seen any of the film because it came out in “no-movie time” for me, which was pretty much from 2002-2010.

My husband and I are avid movie watchers and love the whole big-screen and popcorn experience, but during those eight years or so we had infants and toddlers, no entertainment budget, ...

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Die a Thousand Deaths

Teaching yoga, for me, is the gentle management of a streaming flow of energy. It’s a balancing act on my corpus callosum where I’m constantly walking the line connecting verbal expression with visualization and attempting to meld the two, with varying degrees of success.

In other words, there are times I have no idea what crazy shit just flew out of my mouth.

Wat-cat-meme-t-shirtIf my mental foot slips to the right and ...

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The Voices in My Head

Whose voice do you hear over and over in your head?

It’s really yours, of course – but whose does it sound like? Your mother, your father, your second-grade teacher, your favorite yoga teacher, Casey Kasem? If you listen closely, do you hear the laugh track of a sitcom, the dramatic fade in of a soap opera, or the fast-paced rhythms of an action movie?

Maybe it changes depending on the day, what you’re doing, who you’re around, or your stress levels. ...

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