Caring Cancer


Approximate Dates: June 21 – July 22

Symbol: The Crab & the Moon, representing self-protection, cyclical nature, nurturing self and others

Ruling Planet: Moon

Element: Water (feminine)

Quality: Cardinal

Associated House: 4th

Color(s): Blue, cream, white, silver

Body Part(s): Breasts, stomach

Chakra(s): Swadhistana/Sacral/Orange, Anahata/Heart/Green, Vishuddha/Throat/Blue

Metal/Stone: Silver/Pearl

Characteristics: Cancers love their mothers, the moon, and boobies. Yep, that’s what I said. All of those things archetypically represent nurturing, protection, and the softer side of life. Cancers are intuitive, creative, intellectual, social, bossy, and crabby. Their maternal nature means they love babies and animals. They also need a 50/50 ratio of nurturing in their lives, where they’re getting as good as they’re giving.

Beware the Cancers who feel their love and devotion isn’t reciprocated – better put on your bite suit. And Cancers need be careful they aren’t behaving too selfishly and demanding more than is fair, especially with anyone looking for their next codependent fix. At some point Cancers must grow up and learn to parent their own inner child regardless of the parenting they received from their actual mothers and fathers. When they can figure out how to do that, they bloom like moon flowers.

moonflowerCancers get run down more quickly than most signs because they are highly in tune with their surroundings. Their hearts truly are in their homes, and a sense of “home” is invaluable to Cancers, whether it’s an actual abode or simply a feeling they carry within. They take in a great deal of energy around them and need their down times to rebalance, just like the cyclical phases of the moon.

If you are a Cancer, start marking the moon phases on a calendar and notice how your energetic patterns coincide. You can learn to anticipate or plan better for when you need a break or when might be a good time to be out in the world. Add the zodiac signs the moon travels through and you’re really cooking.

Which brings me to Cancers’ bellies. Cancers love good cookin’ and anything epicural that reminds them of home, childhood, mom, or grandma. In fact, their stomachs are the first to suffer when they feel anger, stress and worry, which is often. This can be poor digestion, indigestion, heartburn, irritable bowel, or ulcers. All of these things are signals to let go of whatever is the root cause of the stress and spend some time healing. Being natural healers themselves, Cancers can often intuitively know what they need, and once they are feeling better they can offer their healing knowledge to others, as well.

Oh, and Cancers really like money (all a part of that security-seeking tendency).