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Sorry, I’m Not Sorry!

I’d like to offer insight into how astrology can work for someone on a personal level and how taking a closer look at your individual energy can be helpful in managing a life.

If you’re not familiar with the different signs, houses, and their meanings, don’t worry about it for this post. If you want more in-depth reading on each sign, check out my Reference Page on

Because it’s the chart I know best, I’ll use two interacting examples from my natal: Leo ...

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Mirror, Mirror

There’s a Justin Timberlake song out - “Mirrors” – that’s got me singing along, but also thinking about relationships; specifically, what we look for in them. If you aren’t familiar with it, you can check out the lyrics & video here, and also a pic of JT, because you’re welcome:

Dammit, he’s just so cute.

It sounds to me that he’s saying the character of his song loves his woman because she reflects his ...

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“Ich bin ein Berliner!”

That long-ago uttered phrase by JFK in West Berlin to a crowd of 450,000 has been ridiculed for decades as incorrect and a public example of miscommunication.

While the former president meant to declare solidarity with the communist-surrounded people of West Berlin during the Cold War, his adding of the word “ein” was later, in the 1980′s, reported in popular culture as incorrect (Len Deighton’s spy novel Berlin Game, and an op-ed by William J. Miller in The New York Times). They ...

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So it begins

Here we go; the advent of my blogging life. I have mixed feelings, but I’m genuinely excited to share some of what goes through my head and heart on a broader scale…without two glasses of wine first.

I’ve found that one and a half work just fine.

From what I can tell, the point of a blog is connection and community – and maybe even inspiration. That latter reason is ...

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Intro to the Signs

In our culture most knowledge of astrology – if a person has any – begins and ends with our Sun signs.

“I’m a Cancer so I’m sensitive.” 

or “He’s a Virgo – that’ll never work out!”

or maybe “I have a thing for Scorpios…”

Those statements may have truth in them, but it’s not just because of your Sun sign.

For example, I have a Libra friend ...

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Astrology in a Nutshell

Reading a chart is pulling together seemingly random and independent energetic components into a web-like design of a cogent language, all of which expresses YOU (or the subject at hand). There are many, many things going on at once, so if you’re unfamiliar with what the different aspects mean then looking at & trying to understand a chart can be overwhelming.

The way I typically describe a chart to a client in a session is as a blueprint for this lifetime. ...

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The Planets

The other eight planets in our solar system – Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto (still a planet to me! it’ll be back) – plus the Moon, Sun, and the asteroid Chiron all play parts in an astrological chart. They each bring something unique to the party that contributes to the dance of energy as a whole.

Throughout human history, the ancients knew how to read the planets and stars and they used ...

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The Houses

When looking at a chart, you’ll notice there are twelve divisions around the circle that are shaped like slices of pie.

These are the Houses, and each one represents a different area of life. Each house also comes with inherent energy based on an association with a constellation, or zodiac sign. They are numbered 1-12 beginning with the slice on the left just below the halfway mark horizontally, and the numbers go counterclockwise ...

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Why I Chose Astrology…or Why it Chose Me

Ever since I was a little kid, I always felt birthdays meant something. It was an intuitive thing, really. I was constantly asking people when their birthdays were before I had a clue the signs of the zodiac even existed. As in, the first time I’d meet someone, within a few minutes of conversation I’d be all “So when’s your birthday?” out of the blue.

I just needed to know.

More than cake and ice cream, presents, and friends, birthdays were the celebration ...

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Surrendering Scorpio


Approximate Dates: October 23 – November 21

Symbol: The Scorpion & Phoenix, representing death/life/rebirth, the true nature of something, power

Ruling Planet: Pluto

Element: Water (feminine)

Quality: Fixed

Associated House: 8th

Color(s): Black, red, orange, purple

Body Part(s): Sexual organs, genitals, bladder, bowels, rectum, anus

Chakra(s): Muladhara/Root/Red, Swadhistana/Sacral/Orange, Vishuddha/Throat/Blue, Sahasrara/Crown/Violet

Metal/Stone: Steel or Iron/Topaz or Opal

Characteristics: Scorpios have long held the “Most Dangerous” superlative title in the zodiac, not only for their ability for instant stinging revenge (often in the form of biting sarcasm) but even more so for their serving of it cold…and ...

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