So it begins

Here we go; the advent of my blogging life. I have mixed feelings, but I’m genuinely excited to share some of what goes through my head and heart on a broader scale…without two glasses of wine first.

I’ve found that one and a half work just fine.

From what I can tell, the point of a blog is connection and community – and maybe even inspiration. That latter reason is my favorite. At it’s finest resonance, I’d love for this blog to do just that.

A primary theme here will be focusing on yourself – on what you see, on what you experience, and on what you need and want. I’d love for this blog to inspire you to focus on you…because that’s all you’ll ever truly know. Each of us is the center of our universe, and each of us defines reality from that point. That’s really powerful.

I believe we’re here to own that power, claim that right, accept that responsibility, and be accountable. The universe will certainly hold us accountable, and remind us when we’ve forgotten to be.

I 100% believe the world will benefit from each of us truthfully honoring our own unique journey first, because then we are able to come together more wholly – stronger, wiser, with more acceptance, and more lovingly. The more we see ourselves with clarity and – in the purest sense of the word – love what we find, the more clarity and love we have for everyone else. Oddly, that can be very difficult to do; sounds easy, but we’re often really good at coming up with reasons not to.

So here’s my motto for both my personal life and blogging adventure: AUTHENTICITY. Within that word is veracity – truth to my personality, spirit, and character. I promise to bring myself to this authentically.

I think the world can seem so horrific sometimes because there’s not enough of that on a personal level, which inevitably extends to the communal and universal levels. And yes, I clearly see the three fingers pointing back at me. We’ve all got to own this.

So here’s a little background info on who I am…

Even though my school days are in the past, I gratefully consider myself an eternal student. In the meantime of college, getting married, working in corporate America, having kids, and generally building my life, I have self-studied astrology, energy, chakras, and yoga for years (some aspects for decades). While there have been periods in my life when I’ve been more and less in touch with my intuition, I have been an empath and intuitive the entirety of my 39 years this time around. I teach yoga, read natal and solar return astrological charts professionally, & have a fair amount of psychic skill to which I continuously work to be consciously attuned.

My kids really can’t get away with much.


The same way other people have genetic predispositions to be accountants, tennis players, or lawyers, I was born to do what I do. There is nothing I feel more myself doing or being than when I become a conduit for light and truth.

Notice I said “a conduit” - don’t get that confused with me being “light and truth” – I’m still working on quite a lot. This being human thing can get difficult and I still mess up royally at times. But the point is, I’m still trying…

But back to my intuition, sometimes I know when the phone is about to ring and who is calling, chat with a disembodied energy (i.e., I sometimes talk with dead people), or have sessions with clients where none of what I say comes from me, but rather through me.

I imagine it’s the same feeling the accountant has when all the numbers add up, or the perfect connection of racket to ball for the tennis pro, or the exact manipulation of the law to win a case for a lawyer. It’s hitting that sweet spot we were meant to with ease; even when it’s hard work, there’s nothing that is more fulfilling.

All of which bring us back to my motto: authenticity. I can be me and only me, and the same goes for you. We don’t have to be anything alike for everything to still be ok. I wish for everyone to have those moments of connection with their true selves as much as I hope that for myself.

I may jump around a bit (Mars in Gemini), but I promise I’ll bring to my website and blog everything I can about my above mentioned passions: astrology, energy, chakras, & yoga (the philosophy more so than asana), as well as some general musings in the blog section. And hopefully I’ll do this in a way so that anyone can relate, because I believe we’re all connected – everything, everyone.

All of life is unconsciously universal until we decide to notice the connections.

Becoming consciously aware of universality sometimes comes down to a chosen form of communication and simply speaking the same energetic language, so I’ll include lots of references for articles, websites, authors, books, etc. to pursue on your own if you choose. I’m a bit of a research addict (Pluto in the 3rd house).

Two offered words as we begin: “Let go.”

Let go of ego, let go of expectations, let go of assumptions, and let go of judgments that close you off from higher learning. I like the Socratic paradox saying “the smartest people in the world will tell you that they know nothing” (not a direct quote, but that’s the gist of it). There’s more to discover than we could possibly learn in one lifetime, and that inspires me.

The more we push upon the boundaries we’ve currently accepted around us (thought & behavior patterns, relationship patterns – both conscious & unconscious) the more they’ll push back. Structure has it’s usefulness to a point, then we have to realize the wall we think we’re facing has a door, a window, or a crack – or maybe isn’t even there at all.

To authentically grow, each of us must first authentically let go - and see what else is out there.

Let’s get started.

Cheers! ♥

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