Intro to the Chakras


As with astrology, learning about chakras means learning a new language.

The language of chakras is a fascinating one; it speaks of colors and sounds and vibrations, and when you get really in tune with this language you can actually see and hear not only the chakras in other people, but in literally anything – animals, plants, rocks, water…even the chair on which you’re sitting. Everything is made of energy, and when you learn how to listen to and “speak” energy, you will experience everything in the world as alive.

Sounds freaky, right?

It couldn’t be more natural, and when you open your awareness you can elevate your own energetic state in ways you may not even imagine today. Many people have used or use psychedelic drugs to find this connection, but it can be done drug-free. Education, breathing, physical release, meditation…all of those methods are pathways to resetting your energetic resting state.

Connecting to the vibrations of energy (in this case, in the language of chakras) raises your own energetic state, and though you may reach states of awareness that people who take mind-altering substances achieve, let me be clear that I’m not suggesting you will be walking around in an hallucinatory daze just because you learn how to see chakra energy.

You could do that if you really want to, but doing that would pull you further from connection to this material world and other people, further from being grounded, further from balance.

The reality is that most people simply raise their personal awareness and vibrations to a level of greater harmony and peacefulness with the world around them. They start to see and feel how fully they are a part of everything happening around them, and begin to live more in sync with how energy moves through and around them. Synchronicity will become a common occurrence, you’ll start to take a closer look at who is in your life and why – and maybe change or let go of some relationships, and see how many opportunities to have the life you want come and go much more often than you previously noticed.

chakra_wheels_post_card-r83d15c75513748d2ad2443fe3157defc_vgbaq_8byvr_512The Sanskrit word “chakra” translates to “wheel” or “turning” and chakras are likened to spinning vortices of energy.

Chakras represent the non-material plane energies translated into the material plane.

Your conscious understanding of them comes down to how successfully you are able to remove your subconscious barriers. Those barriers often come from fear, lack of trust, or rigid belief structures already in place from lifetimes of experiences. And those barriers can cause us to forget we have choices in life and the inherent ability to change. They negate in our minds the possibility of any other reality, which couldn’t be further from the truth.

Experience is the best teacher, so it’s up to us to create positive ones to replace any negative ones. When you allow yourself the gift of opening up to everything inside of you, to seeing all of your possibility, things may change quite rapidly.

Breaking down your internal barriers and connecting to energy around you in a positive way will make life begin to flow. When things start going well, it’s important to remember that what you put out, you get back – and intention counts for a lot. Truly connecting to energy through the chakras will actually let you know this in no uncertain terms!

Any time you are experiencing anything energetically you are also experiencing a part of yourself because everything is connected. Anything and everything you sense, see, hear, feel, or otherwise become aware of is innately tied to you, and that basic understanding – combined with compassion, empathy, love, and a balanced ego – is what speaking the language of chakras (or any other energy language) is at it’s essence.


Chakras are energetic expressions of balance in life and indicate where we are centered and strong, or where we’re weakened or strained. Each one of us is born with “natural settings” of our chakras (that show up in our astrological natal charts) which are then affected by what and who is around us. Life is a blend of nature and nurture and our environments can help, hurt, and be neutral to these patterns of energy that make up who we are.

An analogy for chakra energy I’ve thought of is “squeaky wheel syndrome”. The way we see and sense colors is when our eyes and brains detect the reflected or “rejected” light pattern from an object.

The colors we perceive in objects are communicating to the balance within ourselves of that color’s energy.

So when you are out shopping and really, really want to buy that striking red shirt, it’s because that color is representing a need to enhance your own red energy to build it up within you. You are always innately seeking balance.

The shirt actually has no red in it; red is the only color not absorbed by the shirt, which means it’s communicating – squeaking – back out into the world. Your energetic ears picked up on that “wheel” because they are attuned to the frequency of red in that moment. It called to you, and you answered.

Do a quick experiment: think of the colors with which you’ve decorated your private spaces, like your home, your car, your wardrobe, and your jewelry. Notice if you’ve chosen the colors with intention or not, and how the colors make you feel (energized, calm, happy, grounded, etc). By learning more about your own experiences and choices, you’ve just begun your own Chakra 101 course.

Chakras can be tuned and balanced through healing treatments like Reiki, acupuncture, shamanic healing, drumming circles, yoga, traditional talk therapy, or a number of other avenues – even simple awareness.

It’s up to each of us to figure out which one(s) work best for us at which times, and it will always be a work in progress!

Click below to get started:

Muladhara/Root Chakra/Red

Svadhisthana/Sacral Chakra/Orange

Manipura/Solar Plexus Chakra/Yellow

Anahata/Heart Chakra/Green

Vishuddha/Throat Chakra/Blue

Ajna/Third Eye Chakra/Indigo

Sahasrara/Crown Chakra/Violet

To get more info on chakras, check out this site:

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