Intro to the Signs

In our culture most knowledge of astrology – if a person has any – begins and ends with our Sun signs.

“I’m a Cancer so I’m sensitive.” 

or “He’s a Virgo – that’ll never work out!”

or maybe “I have a thing for Scorpios…”

Those statements may have truth in them, but it’s not just because of your Sun sign.

For example, I have a Libra friend who has a very Pisces overall way of being. Come to find out, she has her Moon, Jupiter, and Saturn in the twelfth house (naturally ruled by Pisces), lending a considerable amount of energy towards her dreamy, ethereal qualities. And it’s totally fine if you read those last two sentences and thought “um, what?”.

Your Sun sign is ONE little piece of what astrologically constitutes you – there is soooooo much more in your complex makeup. Your Moon, your Ascendant, and the placements of Mercury, Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto all combine in a pattern unique to you based on constellation alignment, house placement, and aspects.

That said, it’s often a person’s Sun sign that first greets the world. Once you become familiar with the signs, it can almost be easy to know someone’s Sun sign right off the bat. When you get to know the layers within someone’s personality is when the Sun sign gets overshadowed by other astrological influences like the one’s listed above.

We’re each our own batch of energetic soup.

So right now you may be thinking “well, what about twins who are so different but have almost identical charts??” - which is a great question.

We don’t grow up in an energetic vacuum. We grow up in energetic bubbles – the environments and people around us – so that nature (our energetic blueprints or charts) and nurture (everything else) work together to determine which of our characteristics and traits come to the surface at any given moment.

Every energy has an inherent neutrality and our patterns of how we use those energies form over our lifetimes. Read a little more about that in my Astrology in a Nutshell post.

So basically, with twins, they do have extremely similar charts, but the reason twins sometimes act very differently from each other is because they choose – usually subconsciously – to play out their energies in opposing ways. You’ve heard of the good twin/bad twin stories or the introvert/extrovert cases. Within family dynamics, there is often room for only one type of each personality to be expressed.

So let’s say you have Cancer twins with Sagittarius Rising and Capricorn Moons; you may see one of them portraying that combination as an introverted, sensitive thinker while the other twin is social, athletic, and a party animal. And with Capricorn Moons, they’ll both be really good at each of their roles – totally convincing that they are in charge of whichever path they’ve chosen.

Both have the same basic energies, but how they express those energies may be a result of family dynamics, subconscious motivations between the twins (i.e., differentiation), and life experiences unique to each of them (different friends, different teachers, different bedrooms, different health issues, etc.) – all of which compound over time. But the potential for each remains almost identical.

Twins are a great example to emphasize the enormous impacts of environment and free will on our lives, which is why it is SO IMPORTANT to know our energetic blueprint (astrological charts) so that we don’t become mindless automatons of external circumstances, trapped into acting and reacting in unproductive cycles or patterns to external stimuli.

We can use our free will to decide to learn more about ourselves and our potential and then take that knowledge and apply it consciously. We can learn our inherent strengths and weaknesses and why we seem continually drawn to some things and repelled by others.

We can begin to better define the boundaries between ourselves and our environments so that we empower ourselves to choose how to more fully express who we are in ways which resonate truthfully and lead to our contentment and, often, the contentment of anyone around us (although they are still responsible for their own).

There are many ways we can do this – astrology is one of them. So realize as you read through the signs that just because you know your Sun sign is, say Aquarius , know that every other sign’s energy shows up somewhere in your chart, and some of the other signs may have an even stronger influence on who you are than your Sun sign alone.

But as an Aquarius, you’re still probably kind of quirky. :)


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