Leveraging Libra


Approximate Dates: September 23 – October 22

Symbol: The Scales of Justice, representing balance & harmony, fairness, beauty

Ruling Planet: Venus

Element: Air (masculine)

Quality: Cardinal

Associated House: 7th

Color(s): Blue, green

Body Part(s): Kidneys, urinary tract, lower back

Chakra(s): Manipura/Solar Plexus/Gold, Anahata/Heart/Green, Vishuddha/Throat/Blue

Metal/Stone: Copper/Diamond

Characteristics: Libras just want everyone to get along, and to look good doing it. These Venus-ruled folks are all about being social and harmonizing everyone around them. They generally have a lot of friends and enjoy getting together often. So often, in fact, it can be extremely difficult for some Libras to be alone…ever. It becomes a novelty to have any time to themselves because they’ve overcommitted, and likely on purpose.

Libra energy is focused on relationships and partnerships and learning through them.

But Libras benefit from remembering that the most important relationship will always be the one they have with themselves, and a little alone time is good for them now and then. Whenever Libras find themselves at home alone, it would strengthen them to turn off the tv, radio, and phone. Of course, the next urge will be to rearrange the furniture. Libras have busy, creative minds and always want to rearrange something, whether it is the dynamics in a relationship, someone’s outfit, or the living room furniture.

As an Air sign, they are quite talkative (or communicating in some other way) and easily distracted.

Another strong aspect Libras bring to the world is the critic’s eye. Like fellow Venus-ruled Tauruses, they immediately know the quality of things, be it a meal, a movie, a personality, a book, a work of art, or fashion. I’ve always said if you want to know if your shoes work with your outfit, ask a Libra. You’ll get your answer in no time flat and it will be the right one because Libras have good taste.

images (10)However, if you ask that same Libra who chose your shoes to go and change theirs, get comfortable because you’re in for a long wait until they return. Indecisiveness regarding their own choices is their burden; they can usually see both sides of any issue and hate to have to choose – again, they’re looking for harmony and desire a way to bring both sides together while avoiding conflict.

When Libras become unbalanced within themselves, that same critic’s eye turns very, very judgmental. If Libras feel overtired, overworked, overwhelmed, or insecure – they can get downright nasty. Clue number one to Libras that they need to set themselves right again is as soon as they notice the verbal barbs flying from their normally kind lips.

Libras serve to remind us that though we’re each on our individual journey, we are not alone. They tell us we will benefit from learning to get along and work together, and to keep our intentions heart-centered. And last but not least, they bring beauty into the world either through their creation of it or simply their ample appreciation of the arts.

Your Libra friends will always be interested in a good novel, beautiful painting, delicious meal, or a night at the opera; and more importantly, they’ll want to you come along, too.