Perceiving Pisces


Approximate Dates: February 19 – March 20

Symbol: The Fish, representing intuition, primal/primitive connection, unity

Ruling Planet: Neptune

Element: Water (feminine)

Quality: Mutable

Associated House: 12th

Color(s): Blue, green, white

Body Part(s): Feet

Chakra(s): Anahata/Heart/Green, Ajna/Third Eye/Indigo, Sahasrara/Crown/Violet

Metal/Stone: Tin/Jade or Coral

Characteristics: It may seem odd that the least-grounded zodiac sign is associated with feet…the physical part of us that is most grounded.

But interestingly, our feet are covered with large pores and are highly absorptive. Maybe the most spiritually connected sign of Pisces is in part symbolized by the absorptive feet to illustrate the natural, intuitive bond we are capable of creating between Heaven and Earth as we walk through our lives.

Think about the last time you walked around outside barefoot. It changes things.

You feel more natural, more vulnerable, more connected to the Earth, and more primal. And with those things, your intuition is awakened – your direct communication with Nature and who or whatever runs it all. Even if you’re an atheist, you may still simply be aware of the bigger, fuller sense of energy that we’re all a part of, regardless of what you believe happens after your physical body dies.

That awareness of spirit is what Pisces naturally have.

Because of this intuitive connection to all that is, seen and unseen, Pisces tend to appear dreamy, kind, shy, indecisive, and easily hurt. They don’t walk around with their banners or swords raised touting their power and mastery; Pisces are busy appreciating the path of a butterfly fluttering from flower to flower on a beautiful, sunny day and subtly relating it to the larger flow of life.

download (9)Because Pisces are highly receptive, they hear the spirits talk and can deliver those messages.

But Pisces are also highly malleable and must be alert to when they’re being negatively manipulated, sold a “bag of goods”, running up their credit cards, drowning out their pain in drugs or alcohol, getting lost in another person or relationship, or playing the martyr role because they don’t want to deal with the conflict that would result from standing up for themselves.

They struggle with boundaries of all kinds, which is both their gift and their burden.

The irony in their reluctance to face things is that, intuitively, they know everything will be ok. So why not put your feet down more firmly every now and then, and balance the above with the below?