Sound Familiar?

They live a lifestyle with which you disagree.

You think what they do is wrong, unnatural, in league with the devil, and against your religion.

You’ve heard stories of their predatory ways and want laws that will protect you and your children from them.

You believe their practices and behaviors surely corrupt the sanctity, purity, and downright safety of your lives.

But you’ve heard of someone who does it. You know a neighbor’s friend’s family member lives like that, even though no one really talks about it out loud…just whispers.

Not that you’d admit it, but even you’ve dabbled with it – you know, in college. It felt weird but, well, you kind of liked it. You knew your family wouldn’t approve, though, so you swore not to do it again and moved on with your life.

Yet this nagging feeling persists that maybe it’s not such a big deal after all. Even if you aren’t drawn to it again and it won’t ever become a way you live your life, you discovered some deep truths about yourself through the experience.

Deep down inside, you know it touches a level of your humanity that recognizes we’re all connected. It’s just a matter of not being afraid to look that far inside past all the “rights” and “wrongs” you were told.

Yes, it’s true: we all have a little psychic power within us. For some of us, it’s a much bigger part of our lives than others.

And that’s ok.

Recently a friend said to me, “I was thinking of you the other day and how hard it must be to know things before other people, especially when they think you’re wrong because it takes a long time for some things to happen.” And I responded, “Fuck yeah, sometimes it is.” But luckily, I realized a long time ago that psychic work is NOT about personal recognition or me being “right”, and that bringing a need for those things to the table sullies the beauty of it. I am a solid INTP, and am well aware that in the big scheme of things, we’re all going to die and it doesn’t matter who knew what first. I do my work from a place of love. I tell it like I see it, and people can take it or leave it.

As someone who does intuitive work, do I know everything, 100%, always accurate, always timely? Please. In no professional realm is that the case. Inaccuracies from an intuitive are sometimes held to more blame, though, because the people trusting the messages feel like they’re taking a big risk in believing, and sometimes have no sense of personal responsibility for what they hear even though the whole point of a psychic message is that it is for them.

I mean, how could anyone just know something? How can that be real? Do you have a PSY degree? People have a habit of not wanting to look at anything about their lives that they’re in denial about…that psychic doesn’t know WHAT s/he’s talking about! That’s usually one of those times the truth hits much later and with a bigger wallop…after you’ve ignored it for long enough. When you, as a client, get a message – you’d better believe it’s all about you! ;)

tumblr_m6m14k1x9s1qmfor9o1_1280Rarely is the message that you are in imminent danger, or that your dead grandpa buried a million dollars in the backyard, or that you were a famous person in a past life. As much as people make fun of those things, it is amazing how often they are disappointed when those aren’t the messages. Usually, the message is a very personal reassurance of that client’s path and decisions in life, and a reminder to focus on compassion, love, and balance. We’re so conditioned for drama and distraction that the real – however mundane – is viewed as disappointing. But the opposite could not be more true, and our only real impediment is fear.

In my case, any errors are always due to human error – my damn ego or thoughts/emotions patterns getting in the way when I try to interpret or translate what I’m being shown. The source is always accurate, and sometimes hindsight is the only way I realize I misinterpreted the message. Intuitives must work on themselves as much and more than we do for others.

But I have a pretty good average in the intuitive field. It’s not because “I think I’m right or have ANY delusion that what I receive intuitively is actually from me.

I read energy fields, I read astrological charts, I’m not religious but I talk to angels, I talk to souls who have died and moved on. I don’t seek them out and they don’t always come on our ego-based schedules, but when they come to me I can talk with them because I listen. You could, too – but it’s fine if you don’t if that isn’t your life’s mission this time around and you have other things to do. It just happens to be one of my missions, and I love it.

EB07-ChakraEnergyMy freak flag flies the chakras.

And I am not alone. I have wonderful friends who do this, too – some professionally, some not. I have yet to meet a single person without some version of a personal, intuitive experience that could not be explained “rationally”. A dear friend of mine once asked her mother, then in her 60′s, if she’d ever had such an experience. They hadn’t ever had a conversation about psychic or intuitive things (because we just don’t talk about it), so my friend didn’t expect much of an answer.

Her mom replied that she never really believed in those things because she’d been taught not to, but there was that one time she stepped in a street in a town she was visiting for the first time in her life and she felt she had been literally transported back in time to a previous life. 1-victorian-lady-walking-a-garden-path-jill-battagliaShe said she saw everything around her as it must have been a couple hundred years before, and that she just knew she had lived there before because she recognized streets and routes she’d never traveled in her present lifetime. She had a different identity, name, style of dress, etc. It was a whole body/mind experience that overtook her, and she had never mentioned it to anyone until my friend directly asked her.

So you know, there was that.

Connecting intuitively can be spontaneous and impactful, but more often comes from the practice (over and over again) of balancing our heads and hearts/thoughts and emotions with our intuition and being centered enough to do that without fear, judgment, or expectations. It is a rediscovery of trust in ourselves and everything else, and a recognition of love as the driving force of our creative natures.

As we individually and collectively continue to open ourselves to our feminine sides and balance the masculine energies we’ve let take over, I hope intuitives with good intentions and practices become recognized as real and valid.

It’s a birthright we all share, and it may be time for you to reclaim yours, too.




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