Surrendering Scorpio


Approximate Dates: October 23 – November 21

Symbol: The Scorpion & Phoenix, representing death/life/rebirth, the true nature of something, power

Ruling Planet: Pluto

Element: Water (feminine)

Quality: Fixed

Associated House: 8th

Color(s): Black, red, orange, purple

Body Part(s): Sexual organs, genitals, bladder, bowels, rectum, anus

Chakra(s): Muladhara/Root/Red, Swadhistana/Sacral/Orange, Vishuddha/Throat/Blue, Sahasrara/Crown/Violet

Metal/Stone: Steel or Iron/Topaz or Opal

Characteristics: Scorpios have long held the “Most Dangerous” superlative title in the zodiac, not only for their ability for instant stinging revenge (often in the form of biting sarcasm) but even more so for their serving of it cold…and coldly. As a fixed sign they are able to wait for precisely the “right” moment to strike, whether that happens moments, days, or years later.

So with a prodigious predisposition for getting even, why did I term them “surrendering” ?

Because any truly evolved, Pluto-ruled Scorpio knows that true power – which is a Scorpio’s deepest desire - only comes from surrendering.

This surrender is not necessarily to others, although it may sometimes be; rather, it is mostly to oneself. The greatest enemy any of us will ever face is our own shadow side. Many of us spend lifetimes avoiding having to even glimpse our dark inner doppelgangers, but true Scorpions will face theirs broadside, walk right up them, and wrestle them to the ground until they can learn to agree to disagree.

download (5)Most zodiac signs fear, ignore, deny, hide from, run from, hate, or loathe their inner shadow selves. It’s not that Scorpios don’t experience these same thoughts and feelings, it’s that Scorpios have the karmic challenge of intuitively knowing that side of them exists and that this lifetime is for dealing with them. And they have to walk that path alone, because through no fault of others who may desperately try understand the Scorpios they love, only Scorpios understand their own depths.

Does this mean every Scorpio is able to conquer their inner selves? Doesn’t everyone love a rhetorical question?

Some Scorpios will shadowbox their inner demons and lose this round. They live on the edge, which can mean drugs, eating disorders, alcohol addiction, sexually dysfunctional behaviors, self-mutilation…the list goes on, all in battle with themselves. It’s when Scorpios can accept that highly sensitive intuition is natural for them, that control can be used to restore balance, and that sex can offer communion and not just domination, that they can begin their journeys forward.

Not all Scorpios have the same amount of darkness to deal with or will show their battles outwardly; many are very social and happy. Some have such amazing control that even those closest to them may not ever see their Scorpio’s demons. And their natural intensity can steer them towards biology, medicine, and exploring the deepest levels of the psyche and self for the benefit of others, too.

The phoenix also symbolizes Scorpios and the rebirth from ashes that follows surrendering to death, figuratively or literally.