Svadhisthana/Sacral Chakra/Orange

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Color: Orange

Sanskrit: Svadhistana “one’s own abode/dwelling of the vital force” and “sweetness”

Sounds: Vam, musical note D

Signs: Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Scorpio, Sagittarius

Metals, Stones: copper, carnelian, opal, amber, pyrite, sunstone, orange topaz, tiger’s eye, fire agate, orange kyanite

Ever wonder why some Buddhist monks wear orange?

That isn’t the start of a joke…it’s struck me as bizarre that a group of people intent on not being sexual robe themselves entirely in the color of the sacral chakra.

While the tradition emerged from monks in ancient times using locally available roots, leaves, flowers, and spices like saffron, cumin, paprika, curry, and turmeric – they don’t have to keep using them in modern times. They can pick whatever color they want now, but they’ve chosen to stick with orange.

One idea as to why is because the color orange and simplicity of their robes reminds them to let go of all worldly attachments; which is also why they shave their hair and eyebrows. I’d like to think they wear orange, too, because it implies the sacral chakra as the center of vitality and creativity in life in ways that extend far beyond sexual urges. Orange serves as a reminder that while creativity often emerges first through our bodily parts and functions that urge us to express ourselves sexually (the original creative act), that is only step one in the full creative process.

Opening to the larger scope of possibilities beyond the sexual offers the potential to go much farther in our personal processes of creation. Unfortunately, many people are unaware that this massive opportunity is their birthright; often, charismatic people have strong sacral chakras. They become very popular or famous because of their magnetism, creativity, and sex appeal – but then they get carried away with that last one. A strong sacral chakra is the doorway to connecting strongly with Spirit; however, there is a lot of work involved in walking through that portal that often takes place in the other chakras and directs sexual/creative energy into higher vibrations that benefit more than just an individual.

Here’s what the sacral chakra represents:







Most of us aren’t living the Monk Life, so relating the sacral chakra to our lives in a balanced sexual way is relevant. We all have varying degrees of this creative center within us. This chakra is a very important gateway to our self-expression in life, and we often misappropriate this energy when our sacral chakra is out of balance. Signs that your sacral chakra is blocked or too wide open can include depression, anger, sexual frustration, sexual promiscuity, feeling “frozen” in life, frigidity, physical listlessness, exercise addiction, obsessions, and eating disorders.

But in the interest of spiritual evolution, at some point there has to be realization and recognition of what’s happening: the sacral chakra wants to awaken. (This is related to the Kundalini awakening, which will get its own post). Whether this is sparked through sexuality, sensuality, or a rechanneling of sacral chakra energy into another creative outlet is for each of us to discover in our own lives. This newly found connection to personal power through sexuality and creativity can be overwhelming for a lot of people because within it is also a stronger connection to spirituality, which often can conflict with traditional religious teachings. Many people are uncomfortable with that dissonance and end up resubmerging their burgeoning self rather than dealing with the temporary conflicts that living their truth may initially bring into their lives.

It is the personal responsibility of each of us – female and male – to follow our individual creative paths in each lifetime. Every single one of us is here to create, whether that’s more people, a business, art, a novel, education, architecture – or more space in our lives and the lives of others for joy, peace, freedom, connection, and love. Whatever you’re here to create, only you truly know what that is, and it can change throughout your life as energy builds upon itself and takes you in new directions. And likewise, your sense of spirituality is yours to experience as only you can. elvis-pelvis

One highly effective way to balance your sacral chakra and open the powerful energy stored within is to move your body in fluid ways – do yoga, swim, have sex (the more loving, the better), or dance. The keys are connecting to the element of Water and/or moving your pelvis freely (I’m guessing Elvis had a very open sacral chakra).


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