Syncing with the Universe

“You cannot do yoga.  Yoga is your natural state.  What you can do are yoga exercises, which may reveal to you where you are resisting your natural state.”  ~Sharon Gannon

Love that quote. Spot on. Just saw it today (thanks, Jenny B :) )!download (2)

This post is a little different; it’s written to our higher minds. It might seem kind of weird. I’m ok with that.

I’m writing it as much to myself as anyone else, because it’s a reminder to keep focusing on what I believe and have experienced in my life over and over…synchronicity. I’m not trying to position myself as an “expert” on any of it, but simply another human wanting to build a stronger connection in this existence.

I’ve recently written about a few of the chakras on’s Reference Page. Understanding how energy works through the chakras can be a beautiful and spiritual experience. Chakras are one of the many languages of energy, and learning to “speak” it can be tremendously helpful in life.

The process of understanding chakras begins by getting our own energy honed like a tuning fork to the natural resting state of the universe, which is our natural state as well. We forget that a lot with our busy and important distractions. Then it’s about training our minds to be still enough to see and our hearts to be open enough to feel, but not allowing either intellect or emotions to rule over intuition. It’s in that balance that we are able to blossom into the uniquely-shaped energetic conduits we each inherently are. Easy enough, right?

Keybord-ColorEverything comes back to movement and vibration; all matter is in motion. The more we remember this, the more we can accept the reality that everything constantly changes and that we have a consistently renewed opportunity to adapt, whether that’s through growth or dissolution. Start with what you already know or feel about yourself and sync with your own patterns that are easiest to identify. Try using energetic terms in place of simpler language (“I’m female”“I like to cook”“I’m tired” can translate to “I have yin energy in my physical body”“I like creating with fire and providing food for others to enjoy”“I’m not in balance with resting my body and mind”). Using energetic terms shifts your awareness to a deeper understanding of what’s really going on within and around you.

Remembering that energy can be expressed through color frequencies and sound waves, try also to visualize the energy of certain situations, people, objects, or feelings in association with colors and sounds that seem to fit. We already have cultural phrases linked to this: “I’m feeling blue”, “I’m so mad I’m seeing red”, “Can you hear opportunity knocking?”. This might feel bizarre at first, but trust your intuition with this; the more you do it the more natural it will become and the more sense it will make. The point of this is to expand your awareness of the energetic subtleties surrounding you and to increase what you’re able to notice at any given time far beyond the visual. By all means, use your imagination. It’s the doorway to creativity and developing your intuitive nature.images (32)

Practice being an observer of yourself. This one is difficult for a lot of people because suspending judgment and learning to curb anticipation and expectation are skills we often aren’t taught. In fact, we’re taught the opposite – always trying to control ourselves and even what’s around us. We all have knee-jerk reactions that are buried very deeply within us.

For example, the next time you feel upset by something, make a conscious and intentional effort to become as still and quiet as possible instead of automatically responding. Notice the tidal wave that surges within and instead of pushing that energy aggressively outside of yourself to control a situation, let it hit you as you remain still. It may dissipate as you allow it to pass, or it may push you in another direction emotionally or physically; you might leave the scene to cool off more, realize there’s an underlying trigger it’s time to change, or you might even find humor and laugh. You may notice a different perspective on things that you never would have seen had you allowed yourself the conditioned response you want1467406_402142806583327_616837995_ned to act out at first.

This might be really difficult at first. Life is your practice, and discipline – the effort expended simply to try again – is what keeps us present.

Try culling for what serves to balance you by letting go of as much learned and habitual behavior as possible – or maybe just try imagining the feeling of letting go first – and getting to your underlying desires, motivations, and beliefs…and then let those go, too (don’t worry, you can get them back anytime you choose). This is a hugely difficult and lengthy endeavor for most of us; it is a lifelong practice. So again, use your imagination first simply to visualize it. With this, you can begin to expand your fundamental understanding of how much we allow patterns of thought and behavior to drive us, of how unconsciously we typically operate throughout our lives and of how much control our subconscious actually has on what we choose. The idea here is to practice living one moment at a time by expanding the possibilities of how you react, if at all. This is where all that “ugly” that we’re supposed to embrace may lie; the parts of us we fear and hate. The truth is there is no boogey man except the ones we open open the door to, invite in, and sit down for dinner.

We will all fail at seeing ourselves and letting things go occasionally, and that is ok. Learned behaviors are deeply embedded.

But there is no scorecard.1174666_710405882307038_1789253206_n

Think of life playing out within and around you like a cosmic dance. It starts as a solo then progresses and expands infinitely the more you begin to notice what is around you, until you realize you are dancing with everything.


There’s nothing “new” about the practice of awareness. It is our original state.

This undertaking is absolutely huge and can be very frightening at first, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it. Learning any new language can be daunting, and often our unfamiliarity with what we’re seeing or experiencing can make us blind to seeing (or wanting to see) it. But that doesn’t mean what we’re looking at isn’t there, it means our brains have no reference point to use for categorizing it. Sometimes our rational mind is the mask our fear of the unknown dons. Just jump in; as with learning a new language, immersion often works the best.

The moment you’ve closed your mind to the possibilities you’ve yet to experience is exactly the moment you’ve retired your pursuit of science…and life. Magic exists – it’s science yet to be understood and explained. There is more that we don’t know than that we do. Everything is possible, even if it sounds weird. It’s my belief that as long as we’re here, connecting with our true selves is worth a try.


There is no one right way to balance yourself energetically that works for everyone at all times, but that said – everyone can work on it in their own ways, any time. There is no step-by-step cure-all that works for everyone. It can’t exist, because no one else can experience your human journey for you; we all walk our own paths and even though they cross occasionally, we are each unique. That’s why there’s no one-method self-help strategy that dominates all others; it doesn’t mean any individual strategies are inherently wrong or invalid, they’re just not right for everyone all the time. We have to educate ourselves about energy – beginning with our own – and work what we find into our individual lives and circumstances.

Meditation is one method of self-discovery and finding balance and probably the closest thing to what could work for anyone, but most of us don’t want to be that still.

Quick – distract, distract!! Instead, many of us fill a glass, start a fight, pop a pill, feed an addiction, pull a trigger.

Answers don’t usually come from the outside-in, and there is no manual or class or teacher or course better than the self-discovery of your own soul. The external world can represent you as mirrors reflecting your inner states, but what you learn will ultimately be from the inside-out. If you’ve tried meditation and it didn’t “work”, try it again a different way and find your own style. Could be your meditation is cleaning the house, driving, cycling, yoga, walking, etc. Meditation doesn’t have to begin in a physically still state.

At no point in your human journey do you get to lift your hands and proclaim “Got it! I’m good now, people!!” and sail effortlessly onward. Each lesson leads to the next and your experiences at any given time are unique and evolving. The essence of constant change means there is no finish line. There is the continual renewal of opportunity. Expanding your field of awareness expands your choices and opportunities infinitely. That is true freedom.

1378296_316483391828286_1377299741_nWhen you do allow yourself the gift of opening up to everything inside of you, things may change quite rapidly – your relationships, where you live, your career, your finances, your body and physical shape, your energy levels, etc. Be very careful to understand you won’t egotistically (rational mind and emotions) like all changes at first, and the ones you do like aren’t license for a power trip. What you put out, you get back – and intention counts for a lot. Trust that the universe is helping you rebalance to a state that is truer to who and what you are, and there is nothing more perfect than that.

The more you observe synchronicity working in your life the less your fear will be.1229838_672680942754711_1655092477_n

I began this post talking about the chakras because they are one road to connecting with and understanding energy within and around us, but whatever path that you find speaks to you is the one you should walk. Any time we are experiencing anything energetically we are also experiencing it as part of ourselves because everything is connected. Anything and everything we sense, see, hear, feel, or otherwise become aware of is innately tied to us, and that basic understanding – combined with compassion, empathy, love, and a balanced ego – is what speaking the language of chakras (or any other energy language) is at it’s essence.

Here are the few I’ve written about to date, with more to come:

Muladhara Chakra
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Manipura Chakra


And in the spirit of synchronicity, as I’ve been working on this post I came across these articles on FB:


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