Talking with Angels

So just another day around here…talking with angels.download11

My kids and I went on an impromptu trip to The Bag Lady¬†yesterday. It’s this really great store that sells a wide variety of spiritually uplifting informative and educational items: books, jewelry, drums, statues, feathers, crystals, stones, cards, knickknacks – a little of everything.

I love places like this because simply being there raises my energy and reconnects me spiritually – kind of like a library or a quiet church. I wish we had more places like this around Charlotte. Maybe they’ll franchise.

download (26)Anyway, I’ve been a few times; the most recent was a couple of months ago. It was also an impromptu trip that resulted in me getting an angel painting done by a reader called Nami. She connects with the angels around you and paints an image that reflects your energy as they communicate it to her.

I also picked up this beautiful turquoise pendant. download12I think it’s the only piece of turquoise jewelry I have – it’s not a stone I typically need, but the timing of being intuitively drawn to it with what was happening in my life was perfect. Turquoise strengthens several chakras, but is most connected to the Throat Chakra (Vishuddha in Sanskrit) by helping with truthful expression and psychic protection. Good to have those strengthened right before a website launch, right?

My kids hadn’t been before, though, and I wanted to take them. We were having a laid-back day and I felt randomly inspired to go, so we jumped in the car and made the trek.¬†We had no plan other than to show up and browse.

download10As it turned out there was a reader in the store, Bea Gordon (a fellow Aries!) and she was available. She also works with angels and her communication is through cards. The four of us went back with her to the “reading room” and squeezed in for a joint session. She used two different decks to handle all the energy from us – Archangel Raphael cards and Magical Messages from Fairies cards, both by Doreen Virtue.

So let me check in with you…just as I’ve said that astrology is a language, so are cards – be they Tarot, Angelic, Fairy, Anubis, or otherwise. There are MANY, MANY ways to connect with energy and spirit. It isn’t ever about the method as much as it is about intention, and that intention is to increase awareness of self and others through love, light, and truth. It doesn’t matter if you want to use astrology, cards, stones, runes, nature, clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairsentience, or just talk directly to spirit…whatever, as long as the pure intention is there along with the perspective that whichever method you choose, you realize it’s only a passageway.

download (28)We had a wonderful session, and even though it was a group reading we each received the messages that were timely and poignant for us as individuals. It was a lovely surprise for the afternoon to play out that way.

Reconnecting in a clearer, deeper, more direct way to whatever you believe is the divine has a way of reminding you who you are, but also of that bigger picture we’re all a part of. The path your feet walk in this life is the labyrinth of your soul. It’s nice now and then to find a connection that illuminates it.

Thanks, beautiful Bea!

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