Virtuous Virgo


Approximate Dates: August 23 – September 22

Symbol: The Virgin (often pregnant), representing purity, naivety, and polite distance from the world

Ruling Planet: Mercury

Element: Earth (feminine)

Quality: Mutable

Associated House: 6th

Color(s): Blue

Body Part(s): Nervous system, digestive system (intestines in particular)

Chakra(s): Muladhara/Root/Red, Vishuddha/Throat/Blue, Ajna/Third Eye/Indigo

Metal/Stone: Mercury/Sapphire

Characteristics: It’s not uncommon for the symbol of Virgo to be misconstrued. Virgos are represented by the Virgin (often a pregnant one), so in seeing a fertile young thing, many people interpret the energy as “motherly”.

But that really isn’t the essence of a Virgo at all.

What the Virgin really represents is fertile ground, the undeveloped and unused realm of possibility that Virgos learn to master. It is a feminine Earth energy, which is probably part of why people think “mom”, but the growing potential of Mercury-ruled Virgos is often much more mental than physical. They are dealers of detail, masters of minutia, purveyors of perfection. They are engineers, mathematicians, accountants, and generally OCD-driven people.

Also kind, congenial, polite, and courteous, they enjoy interacting with other people. But step back when the topic of health comes up; you may not actually want to know everything about Virgo habits. They are downright fastidious about what they eat…and how it comes out. So much for an apple a day – Virgos think other daily activities are more important.

Virgos can become obsessed with perfection as a coping mechanism when life gets emotionally challenging and their greatest lesson may be letting go of worry and stress. Like Mercury-ruled Geminis, they think A LOT. Of course, there are benefits of this – we need the small picture taken care of, too.

But seriously Virgos, it’s ok.

The world needs you, in whatever way you want to be here, because we know you’ll do the best you can.

And when things don’t go like clockwork, when you notice a little wrinkle around your eye or spare tire around your waist, when someone rudely disregards your painstaking efforts – it may be the universe reminding you that it’s time to let go a little and just enjoy life in the moment you’re in.