Water, Water, Everywhere

Basic Attributes: emotional, intuitive, controlling, morphing, feelings, relationships, love, life-giving, fertile

Water is the mother of all elements, constituting roughly 70 percent of both our bodies and the planet. Does anyone else think that correlation is significant?? We are of this planet, and this planet is of us.

Water nurtures, brings life, sustains life, and takes life away. It is the most powerful, impactful, and necessary element. Before animals can even breathe or touch the ground with their feet, they need water to live; we wouldn’t exist to take those first breaths if water hadn’t sustained us through gestation.

Water changes – morphs – as it adapts to the environment and temperatures around it. It can be a solid, liquid, or gas, and it is a conduit for many other substances in it as it moves energy around our planet.

The tide and water tables are controlled by the Moon, and Water represents the ebb and flow of our emotions. Our emotions are the carriers of our intuition – just as physical water directs tangible objects (like a log floating down a river), our emotions carry to us our intangible knowledge (that gut feeling in the pit of your stomach that tells you when something is right or wrong for you).

The element of Water represents the energy of basic life functioning, yet it’s power to destroy is also immense. Water is a feminine element, meaning it is receptive and often waits for energy to come to it rather than initiating action, like a tsunami following an earthquake. In Tarot, Water is represented by Cups (Hearts in a regular deck of cards).

Water signs typically can morph fluidly from one form to the next and are guided by feelings, emotions, and intuition. Love is the foundation of Water signs – whether through bringing life into the world as a parent, plunging to inner depths to access the power for change, or being one with the divine.

Astrologically, Water takes the form of:

Cancer (ruled by the Moon, cardinal quality): feeling safe and secure; home-oriented; making money; nurturing and maternal but needs as much in return; like the tides, regularly changing moods and connection with the Moon’s cycles; connection to their mothers

Scorpio (ruled by Pluto, fixed quality): able to face the grotesque within; discovering the true meaning of power; prone to revenge; connection to the cycle of complete destruction and rebirth; able to withstand the cold, frozen depths

Pisces (ruled by Neptune, mutable quality): boundary-less in relationships; can be very codependent; highly creative; kind and mild-natured; highly psychic; has the quality of vapor and the ability to bypass boundaries and infiltrate energetically


Key Phrases:

flow with life

cold as ice

misty eyed

cup overfloweth

brimming with love