Astrology in a Nutshell

Reading a chart is pulling together seemingly random and independent energetic components into a web-like design of a cogent language, all of which expresses YOU (or the subject at hand). There are many, many things going on at once, so if you’re unfamiliar with what the different aspects mean then looking at & trying to understand a chart can be overwhelming.

The way I typically describe a chart to a client in a session is as a blueprint for this lifetime. It provides information regarding the structure of your life. We all have free will and can use our gifts and challenges to evolve…or not. Astrology provides awareness and perspective as tools you can use for construction, deconstruction, and reconstruction in different areas of your life.

Another analogy of a chart is to a prism. Think of a prism’s function: to take pure, white light and fractal it out into the colored spectrum of a rainbow. Pretty, right?

Yep, and filled with far more meaning that simple aesthetics. The colors of the rainbow correspond with the colors of the seven primary chakras (look for the breakdown of these in other posts where I can give them each more attention): red/root, orange/sacral, yellow/solar plexus, green/heart, blue/throat, indigo/third eye, violet/crown. The chakras represent universal centers of energy within us that correspond to various parts of ourselves, like our sense of safety and security, our creativity, our self-image, our sense of love and compassion, our individual expression, our intuition, and our sense of the divine. Each sign of the zodiac relates to different chakras.

Our astrological charts are our individual prisms that map our unique energetic fractal patterns. Where are we balanced? Where are we too bright or too dull? They point to our strengths, weaknesses, characteristics, relationships, careers, homes, health, etc. Your chart covers everything. That said, don’t look for astrology to be a crystal ball; while sometimes predictions can be made, FREE WILL reigns and most of what happens will remain your responsibility, which is why knowing yourself is invaluable.

Every type of energy rests on a fulcrum – that sweet spot of contentment where we can be at peace and balanced. But any energy can also be taken to extremes of what we call “good” or “bad”, “favorable” or “unfavorable”, and “beneficial” or “unbeneficial”. If you’re trapped in a pattern you keep repeating, you may be living on one or both ends of an energy’s spectrum and not even realize you’re on that see-saw. Astrology can help you see that and give you the perspective to figure out how to balance in the middle. You can learn to access either end of the spectrum by choice and when appropriate or necessary rather than being slave to any energy.

There are many paths in life to figuring things out; astrology is one of them. And just like any of the other methods, astrology offers you no master key, golden ticket, miracle pill, magic elixir – you still have to do the work in life that is your path, your karma, your dharma. Astrology is a powerful tool, though – an aid to help you unlock some of the doors, a lantern to hold up during some of the dark nights, and above all an ancient mirror that reflects the energy of your soul. Braving that glance isn’t a matter of “if”, but “when”. I’ve had clients come to their sessions nervous about what I might read in their charts, but there is nothing to be afraid of – it’s you.

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To get started, you’ll need the date (mm/dd/year), exact time (birth certificate), and place (city/state/country). Word of advice, try not to rely on your mom or another relative for the time if you can access it officially on a birth certificate. I’m saying that as a mom myself; years, the compounded effects of estrogen, multiple children, and generally having more to think about can often contribute to remembering the wrong time.

Enjoy your journey discovering more about you! And if you would like a guide, let me know at to book a session. More info on that on the Readings page.


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